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Private Estate, Farm and Rural Property Management

Estates and farms are becoming increasingly complex to manage with regulation, unlimited options for diversification and the demands of being profitable all taking up a large amount of time. It is important with all aspects of business decision making to consider the wider tax implications.

We are in a position to be able to help you look at your property and business as a whole and offer a complete management service taking into account all areas of a farm or estate. Very often, a small decision may have a big impact on another area of the business and we can assist with looking at the wider picture. We are happy to also help with ad-hoc projects such as farm diversification, setting up new agreements, and environmental management and related schemes.

We are well used to dealing with the various government agencies and have a great relationship with the local officers in Shropshire and surrounding counties. We can help with the required interaction between the different governing bodies ensuring that all the required boxes have been ticked!

Jo has dealt with our Single Payment Claims, Agri-Environment Schemes and lease agreements for a number of years. She has been able to guide us the maze of DEFRA/RPA/NE red tape without any fuss. She has managed to complete a Farm Environment Plan and get us into a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme against all the odds and successfully sorted out our complicated Single Farm Payment at around a third of the cost we were previously charged by a local auctioneer.

John Barnes, Barnsland Farm