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Rural Land Management & Compliance

Basic Payment Scheme and moving away from Direct Payments

At Williams Round we have developed significant experience of the Basic Payment Scheme and the required green, cross compliance and statutory management regulations required. We offer advice on the payment scheme itself, deal with clients’ annual claims, RPA appeals, Entitlement transfers and the registration of land on the Rural Land Register. We will be able to lead our clients through the whole Brexit process and advise on the new time-limited initiatives which will be offered as the payments progressively reduce towards 2027.

Cross Compliance Regulations

We can help bring clarity to the various Statutory Management Regulations, Greening Regulations and Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition rules associated with the Basic Payment Scheme.

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ)

We offer advice from the basics of the regulations for holdings falling within the regulatory areas up to the preparation and updating of annual records and dealing with inspections and appeals.

Jo has dealt with our Basic Payment Claims, Agri-Environment Schemes and lease arrangements for a number of years. She has been able to guide us through the maze of DEFRA/RPA/NE red tape without any fuss. She has completed Farm Environment Plans and successfully obtain a Higher Level Countryside Stewardship Scheme against all the odds and successfully sorted out our complicated Basic Payment claims at around a third of the cost we were previously charged by a local auctioneer.

John Barnes, Barnsland Farm