Williams Round - Rural Land Management

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Grants & Subsidies

Countryside Stewardship

We assist farmers and landowners with obtaining and managing Stewardship agreements across their holdings. We have an excellent relationship with Natural England and a history of successful applications.


RDPE funding

Through RDPE funding there are grants to help farmers manage the environment, increase farm and forestry productivity and grow the rural economy. Williams Round can assist you with accessing the grants to suit your requirements and establish a resilient enterprise.



We can help you with specific projects that will deliver jobs and growth to the local economy.

I started working with Jo 5 years ago when I took over my fathers farm and she has been incredibly helpful , dealing with our Basic Payment Scheme, Higher Level Stewardship and organising our tenants license agreements. Jo is an excellent communicator and she actions tasks promptly and efficiently. I can highly recommend Jo’s services, skills and expertise.

J. Barratt, Bromwich Park