Williams Round - Rural Land Management

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Utilities & Compulsory Purchase


We are here to help ease the paperwork burden with respect to any water, gas and sewerage pipeline easements as well as compensation claims.

In addition, we can offer advice and support regarding telecommunication masts along with wayleave agreements of B.T. equipment.

We are currently helping numerous local clients with negotiations in relation to SP Energy Networks North Shropshire reinforcement project.

We have found that instructing us at the commencement of discussions with providers makes a huge difference in the eventual outcome.



Compulsory Purchase

We can offer a full and professional service with respect to any area of compulsory purchase including new road schemes or any other form of land take.



Pipeline compensation Claims

We have represented clients with respect to a number of pipeline and underground cable compensation and disturbance claims.

Our fees are almost always covered solely by the utilities company and our compensation levels have often exceeded our clients initial expectations.


Jo has dealt with our Basic Payment Claims, Agri-Environment Schemes and lease arrangements for a number of years. She has been able to guide us through the maze of DEFRA/RPA/NE red tape without any fuss. She has completed Farm Environment Plans and successfully obtain a Higher Level Countryside Stewardship Scheme against all the odds and successfully sorted out our complicated Basic Payment claims at around a third of the cost we were previously charged by a local auctioneer.

John Barnes, Barnsland Farm